Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bucket List #30 & #63 | Chinatown + Uwajimaya

Our Seattle bucket list is a list of adventures we're hoping to have while Landon studies at the University of Washington for the next several years. To view all of our bucket list posts, click here.

This weekend Landon took me (and Walt) on a surprise date downtown. It turned out we crossed 2 things off our list! They were having their annual Moon Festival in Chinatown, which is an outdoor street market with food, booths, and lots and lots of people. It was so much fun!
To start with, we had to find a place to park. We found it the famous Uwajimaya Asian market. Uwajimaya is a huge grocery store where you can find everything from rice paper to live lobsters. We had no trouble spending 40 minutes browsing the aisles and picking out a few supplies to make curry and try out some new foods! Walt charmed the cashier into giving him his own little fortune cookies while we were checking. He's got the waving to strangers thing down pat.
When we were done we checked out the Moon festival. It was a lot of fun! We enjoyed looking at the different booths and things people were selling, and getting a sense of a different culture. Landon bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for a cheap price, and we tried drinking from a raw coconut, which we didn't like all that much, but it was a fun experience.
Getting downtown was a lot easier than we expected, and we had such a great time being in the city. We're feeling a little more confident in ourselves and our ability to get around here. It has made us excited for all of the other things on our list.

We give Chinatown and the Uwajimaya market
We definitely need to head back to Chinatown during the day and see what else there is to do there.

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