Monday, September 24, 2012

Bucket List #8 | Library Cards

Our Seattle bucket list is a list of adventures we're hoping to have while Landon studies at the University of Washington for the next several years. To view all of our bucket list posts, click here.

One of the first things we do wherever we move is register for a library card. Saturday we checked out the local library and did just that. We are so pleased to find not only a beautiful, modern library right in the tiny suburb we live in, but that it is connected to the entire King County Library system.
This includes several libraries within a few minutes' drive of us, the central library downtown, and every other library in King County (obviously). It's great because we can pick and choose what programs to go to at each library, plus put books on hold from any of the libraries and pick them up at the location closest to us. Hello, fabulous! They have a similar setup in Salt Lake County, but Provo wasn't part of it and we've missed it for the last few years.

We're very much looking forward to going to story time, taking a few classes, and putting these to good use:
Obviously we haven't used the system much, but I did log on and reserve my first book today (A Room with a View by EM Forster), and I plan to check out some of the activities this week. Based on our experience so far, we give our trip to the library 
But we're biased, because we just love the library so much...I wouldn't recommend it as a tourist attraction, but to anyone who is moving anywhere, I do recommend getting involved with the library. You might be surprised what they have to offer!

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