Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Battlecreek Falls

Once in awhile, we look around at our comfortable, wii-playing, netflix-watching, floor-lounging, ice-cream-eating life, and vow to be more active.
This weekend was one of those times.

We actually love the outdoors, it's just that, as someone once told us: "memories take work." But amid the June-u-ary temperatures and the long weekend, we couldn't resist the temptation. We found a lovely little, family-with-small-child-appropriate hike outside Pleasant Grove called Battlecreek Falls. It was beautiful.
One mile each way, filled with scenery and rocks to please my Geologist husband, and a gentle slope to please my out-of-shape, post-baby self.

Every year, we say we are going to do more hiking. Maybe this year, with a fresh air loving, curious and active baby, will be the year we really do.
Every time we make the effort to get out and appreciate the world around us, we are pleasantly rewarded, far beyond the work we put in. The sun, the company, and the view:
It's all totally worth it.


Nancy said...

I love that last picture, very precious!

Chelsi said...

Me thinks you should do some more hiking in the southern part of the state. We'd love to have you!