Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dal's Wedding

After spending a fun Christmas together with both families, we packed ourselves and Walt up and boarded a plane to Mesa, AZ for a few days of sun and to attend Dallin and Trisha's wedding. Getting there, not going to lie, was a nightmare. Spending a good chunk of our savings on plane tickets, transferring luggage from house to house to car to house to plane to hotel, driving until 3 am, cranky baby out of his routine, missing the relaxing days of Christmas = unhappy Landon and Kylie. Once we arrived, however, we ended up having a great time.
It was a beautiful ceremony in the Mesa Temple.

Erin was an excellent babysitter while we were inside.


It was fun for us because, 4 and a half years ago we were married by Landon's grandfather, who also officiated at Dal's wedding. It brought back a flood of memories and made me so grateful for all that we've come through and the life we are making together.

After the wedding we took advantage of the warm(ish) weather. Walt absolutely loves to be outside!

Walt was very tired after all of the festivities. He was a trooper though!
That evening we went to see the Christmas lights at the temple. I have to admit, living in Utah I was feeling a little snobbish about temple lights. But they were beautiful - much more than I expected! And the spirit was the same.

We're very glad to be home and getting back on a regular schedule, with real food and more sleep. But we had a great time, and we're glad we were able to be there for Dal's day.

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Kenny and Kayla said...

I totally live about 25 min away from the Mesa Temple! Sounds like you guys had fun! It is hard to travel with a baby but you guys did great! Don't you just love Arizona's warm weather haha. Hope you had a great Christmas!