Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - who knew?

We have never had this holiday off before. In high school, we didn't get the day off. At BYU-I I don't think we got it off (school may have been out, but I had to work). For the last two years, at ThomasArts, I definitely didn't get it off. Good news though, I now work for the government, and we get all kinds of perks, one of them being all the national holidays that we get off, including - Martin Luther King Day! Let me tell you what, it was an awesome weekend. We could definitely get used to having the day off together.

We kick-started the fabulous 3-day weekend with an amazing date night. We went to Taco Time (our favorite place to eat) and then...

We went to see Sherlock Holmes, which we had both really been wanting to see. We don't often splurge on movies in the "expensive" theater, usually opting for the RedBox debut. But we decided we deserved a night out. It seems like generally, when lots of people tell us they don't enjoy a movie, it ends up being one of our favorites. It turned out to be the case with Sherlock Holmes, as well. We LOVED it. We'll probably see it again as soon as it does come out at the RedBox. Or maybe I'll just buy it for Landon's birthday. :) I am also dying to get the soundtrack, the music was fabulous!

On Saturday, we talked our good friends Jesse and Catherine into going to the temple with us, and then headed out for some much-needed Vitamin D therapy. We both spend way too much time inside, especially me, and were feeling a little claustrophobic. So we went on a hike up Rock Canyon (which is incidentally right behind our house- seriously, we could walk there if we wanted to). We took our new back packing stove (thanks Mom and Dad!), some canned soup, hot chocolate, and yummy corn bread made by Catherine and had a picnic in the snow. It was beautiful, and so much fun! I can't wait until spring, when we can all go on a road trip together.

Landon teaching us about Geology

Hooray for married friends!

Sunday, we were invited to dinner by one of my roommates (Annika Howard/Winnings) - we are both from Rexburg, but we happened to be roommates in Palmyra, NY when I did my internship. I had heard all about her husband while we were there - before they were married, obviously - and she had heard all about Landon, who got back to Rexburg right after I did. So it was lots of fun getting everyone together and meeting each other. They have two adorable little girls and we had so much fun playing with them!

Thanks again for having us over! And thanks for this picture, which I completely stole from Annika's blog. .

Monday we decided not to plan a thing. We spent the day sleeping in, baking bread and homemade granola, working on some projects that we never seem to have time for, and getting our house in order for the week. It was such a great day! We love when we can spend so much uninterrupted time together. I've already looked ahead, we have President's Day to look forward to next, and then (another first for me) Spring Break in March! I can't wait for another adventure.


Chelsi and Trevor said...

Federal holidays are a beautiful thing. We would love to see you on your march roadtrip. Our baby is due the 15th - so things might be kinda crazy, but we would still love for you to stop by. Do you have a plan about a place to stay?

Samuel and Camille said...

Sherlock was interesting to me, but good nonetheless... I saw it a second time and knew what I was looking for with all the clues and things... LOVE ALL THE BOOKS...