Friday, April 24, 2009

Vitaj doma!

(That's "Welcome Home" in Slovak. Isn't Google fabulous?)

Last week, we were able to go with the Burgeners to pick up Landon's brother Dallin from his mission to Slovakia!

Landon has missed his brother, can you tell? We're hoping to convince him to come to school down here for a little while - looking forward to Sunday dinners, setting him up on some awkward blind dates, and just having a big party all the time! In the meantime, it's great to be able to call him whenever we want.

Together again! The Burgeners at the airport.

I think Dal was almost as excited about this as seeing his family...

It was so great to see him, and to finally have our family all together for the first time. We were able to get the first ever Burgener family photo that includes yours truly. :) Unfortunately, Erin had her eyes closed...we'll have to try again next time.

Dallin gave an awesome talk at his "not homecoming" yesterday, and we were able to be in Rexburg for it (no small feat, with finals and family stuff and previous engagements abounding this weekend! Stay tuned for another post on all of that...). We're loving how grown-up he's become. Now we just need him to find a wife so we can go on double dates! (Totally kidding Dal, no rushing on the marriage front please) Thanks to everyone for coming down to SLC so that we could part of the festivities. Come again soon!

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Jamie Blake said...

Kylie! I know, I am sorry we didn't get a hold of you this weekend- it was seriously jam packed. Although I have good news! Bryce and I are going to be in Provo next Saturday! Bryce is going to golf with one of his buddies and I am going to play with one of my girlfriends. Maybe we can arrange something? Swing by and visit on the way back up to Layton? Is your phone number still the same?