Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Update

Someone pointed out to me yesterday that it has been a very long time since my last update (sorry Spencer). I had no idea people noticed when I didn't post to the blog! This one will be necessarily long to catch up. A lot has been happening at the Burgener house.

To start off with, Landon received a wonderful and prestigious internship offer for the summer! The offer was from AGI (not to be confused with AIG), a Geoscience lobby group in Washington, D.C.There he would spend the summer attending congressional hearings, reviewing legislation and verifying the correctness of the science involved, along with updating the website and various other duties. I am so proud of him! To be offered a national internship is quite the accomplishment.
Some of you know that we started looking for an internship several months ago, worrying that Landon wasn't getting enough experience, and also looking for an adventure for our family. However, after a lot of reflection, prayer, advice and fasting -- we have decided not to accept the offer. Although the internship is paid a small stipend, the cost of moving to D.C. for three months is not a small one, especially when added to the fact that we would need to continue to pay our rent in Utah - and the possibility that I would either have to leave my job or we'd have to spend the summer apart added to the worry. All of this we might have overcome and gone for it anyway, but when talking to Landon's teachers they seemed to think that the experience he is getting as a research assistant is more valuable. Add that to the fact that accepting this offer would delay Landon's graduation...well, we decided that although this is an amazing opportunity, it just wasn't the opportunity for us. We're a little saddened (after all, living in D.C. would be a dream for both of us), but we feel good about our decision. We believe we're turning down a great offer in anticipation of even greater things to come for us next year. We appreciate so much all of the advice and prayers on our behalf while we made this difficult choice.

Landon is now heading into his finals week. Two more semesters and he is done! Wow, that's a crazy thought. At this time next year, we will be making decisions all over again. He's very relieved, because this is his last semester of Chemistry. From here on out, it's all Geology classes. Well, and Physics, but we're hoping that agrees with him a little more.

In other news, my parents dropped this little bombshell on us last week:
That's right, we are going to DisneyWorld! My Dad is taking his inheritance money from my grandmother and taking us all on a dream vacation this August. We're pretty upset that my big brother Josh won't be able to join us because of prior obligations, but we're still really, really excited to spend the time with the rest of my family! I can't wait to see Stella's face when she finally meets Sleeping Beauty. We're looking forward to not only this trip, but a bit slower summer this year. Landon or I have been in school every summer since it will be a welcome break. We're planning to take a little time off work to spend together.

We are also excitedly anticipating the return of Landon's little brother Dallin from his mission to Slovakia today! We got married just after he left, but luckily I knew him well before then. He is fortuitiously flying into the Salt Lake City airport, so we will be able to spend a little time with him before he goes on to Rexburg tomorrow morning.

Two more things. Last Saturday, we were invited to a fun-filled easter party at my cousin Rachel's house. Thanks so much Rachel! The food was delicious and the kids adorable. I can't wait to take pictures of Zander and Camden for real! (Come on weather, get nice...)

And last, but not least...I have been called as the Primary pianist! I am actually really excited about it. I have been a teacher for the last year and 1/2, and while I loved it, it was a lot of work. I will love having an opportunity to dive into music again, while staying with the kids. The only downside will be the difficulty of finding substitutes, since we go out of town so often. But still, I am looking forward to it. I start this Sunday.

That's about it for the Burgener clan! This is an exciting time in our lives -- things are constantly changing for us. We are loving making plans and decisions together. I will be less lazy about posting in the future - it takes too long to catch up.


Chelsi and Trevor said...

Woo Hooo!!! I have been waiting for an update. I had no idea it would be so full of news! Our lives have seemed to hold so still the last little while I forget that other lives are still full of change and happenings. Congrats to Landen on the internship. I can't imagine what a hard choice that must have been. I would be so tempted by DC. You probably made the est choice for your family though. That is is weakness for me, sometimes I all too easily give up what I want for what I want right now. Good for you guys. We are also really excited for your Disney world trip. You know, St. George is about half way to CA - wanna stop by for a night?

Rach said...

Ill take Josh's place!! I wanna go to DisneyWorld AND most of all see my best friend ever! We do need to chat.... SOOON

Fyfe Family said...

I am very proud of Landon for getting such an amazing apprenticeship offer. Even though you decided not to go, he will always know that he deserved it! I am equally impressed with both of you, and the decision you've made to do the smart thing rather than the exciting thing. You guys really have your heads on straight! I really love both of you.

Andrea said...

This is Barrett. Kylie, I know that you are smart and read the dictionary and everything, but you are still from Idaho and have a reputation to keep. Which means no more words like fortuitously... Does anyone even know what that means? Ha ha

Williams Family said...

Congrats on the internship, even though you're not taking it. Hard choices suck, huh? Thanks for coming to the Easter bash - I was just going to ask you if I could get the pictures. Also - it's warming up now - which means we should set a date to take pictures!!