Monday, March 9, 2009

My name is Inigo Montoya...

Last night we finished our latest read-aloud book, "The Princess Bride." You might not think it's possible - neither did we, we when began the book - but it was even better than the movie! The dialogue was almost word-for-word the same, which is fabulous because then you can do all the accents from the movie and make yourself laugh even harder! The entire premise of the book is that it's an old "historical satire" about the Florinese people - and the author, William Goldman, is taking that old text and "abridging" it, inserting in his own comments along the way. His comments are the best part of the book! We highly recommend this for any couple looking for something to read together.
Disclaimer: It may not be appropriate to read to your children - there are some swear words and innuendos. They are pretty tame, but probably not for little kids.
We will now be starting the third "Fable Haven" book by Brandon Mull. Kylie got it for her birthday - we're pretty excited, the first book in this series is the first book we ever read together. Precious. :)

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Kyle Andrew said...

have we not hung out because you've been busy reading? ouch guys.