Monday, March 2, 2009

Copper, you're my very best friend.

Saturday night, we were able to meet up with my best friend from high school and his girlfriend, Cami. It was so fun and amazing to see them! Preston and I have been best friends since 9th grade. We got all of the standard lines from the doubters - "yeah right, you're 'just friends,' etc. etc. Against all odds, we stayed best friends for all of high school, college, Preston's mission and my wedding -- and possibly a wedding in the near future, Pres? *wink*. I dearly love Preston with all of my heart. He single-handedly saw me through many of life's amazing and terrible experiences. Just to name a few: my first boyfriend/kiss (and all subsequent relationships), high school graduation, the death of my Grandma Sanders, Landon leaving on his mission, my trip to Europe, and my decision to get married.

We still talk often, but hadn't seen each other in about a year, so it meant a lot to me for him to make the effort. Lifelong friends are such a blessing in my life, and I'm blessed with so many of them! Thanks Preston and Cami, for making the effort to come downtown to meet us right after the Jazz game got out - I'm glad there were no casualties. It was great to meet Cami, I whole-heartedly provide my stamp of approval. Here's hoping we can see you more than once a year in the future!

The rest of our weekend was also fabulous. We initiated our first "do it yourself" project with an old piece of furniture from DI. I will post pictures if it turns out. We also saw the wienermobile at Wal-Mart! For those of you who don't know what that is:

Oh yeah, it was an experience to remember. :)


Chelsi and Trevor said...

The weiner-mobile? Oh my hilarious.

clickpreston said...

I demand you remove the second photograph or I will sue you. I've learned all about it in my media law class so don't think I won't!...:) Thanks for the weekend and the stamp of approval. :)

Chelsea said...

"And you're mine too Todd." Best movie ever!

Kathie said...

I'm a blogger now...just wanted to say hi!