Friday, March 13, 2009

Lucky, or Stupid? You Decide.

Up until yesterday, we hadn't been shopping in almost two weeks. We were desperate to go to the grocery store - and it was too late to go to the Smith's across the street from our house. We'd been wanting to try grocery shopping at Wal-Mart to see if it saved us any money, so we decided to head there. We wandered around for awhile, finding what we needed and calculating the savings (it turns out it was a little bit cheaper, but not necessarily worth the drive on a regular basis).
So we got our cart full of goods and headed to the checkout - only to be stopped by a young man (25?). He was kind of dressed like someone who thinks he's pretty awesome in his ganster duds. Super politely, he asked us if we would allow him to pay for our groceries with a gift card he had received but did not want, and we would pay him cash. He said he would give us a discount for our trouble. We looked at each other, not really sure what to do in this situation, but decided it sounded ok (we tend to avoid conflict if possible - also, Landon really likes to help people). He followed us through the line, payed for our groceries, and we gave him cash (we always pay for our groceries with cash, so that part was fine). We saved $15 off our total bill, kept our receipt, and said our goodbyes. We never exchanged names or any type of personal information. Once we got in the car, we both started laughing - we felt like we'd just been on candid camera or something. Anyway, we were either very blessed, or we aided and abeted a crminal last night! Here's hoping it was the former!


Steph said...

How strange, but cool! yeah hopefully that guy isn't a criminal. ;-)
haha but It's kind of ironic... i just posted something on my blog about free money too!

Kyle Andrew said...

this isn't Rexburg, you be careful. if you went to the wal-mart in jordan landing i am extra worried. i have been hit up for money so many times in that parking lot.

Jocelyn and Daniel said...

That happened to Daniel and I once too...only he was advertising it on craigslist and we just met him at the store. We saved a bunch on it too. It seems a too good to be true we decided, and probably won't do it again. :)

Williams Family said...

He was totally a criminal, but that doesn't make YOU criminals! Hooray for free money!!