Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Caution: Man at Work

We are a three-county family. Kylie spends her time in Davis County, Landon spends his days in Utah County, and once in awhile, if we're really lucky, we get to meet in the middle: Salt Lake County. Sometimes this can be a challenge. For example, if Landon needs a ride home because he missed the bus, it's not a quick jaunt down the road. It's a 75 minute drive there from Farmington and 40 minutes back to West Jordan. The weather sometimes shocks us. Kylie will come home drenched from a massive snow storm that knocked out the power grid, and Landon will have heard nothing about it and never seen so much as one flake. We thought when they announced the new area code that it might now be long-distance to call each other, but luckily the change covers precisely the three counties that make up our lives. But possibly the biggest challenge comes from the separation of our three lives. Landon has a group of Geology friends that Kylie has never laid eyes on. Kylie has client meetings in places Landon has never even heard of. It's difficult to be social and make friends when we live so far from all of the people we spend the majority of our time with.
This weekend, we set off for a writer's conference at BYU. While in Provo, we decided to take advantage of the situation and Landon gave Kylie a tour of his life! It was fabulous to feel connected, at least minimally, for the afternoon. Following are a few fascinating tidbits from Landon's place of work, which Kylie hadn't seen in the almost 9 months he has worked there.

This is the lab he works in as a research assistant. Room CO30

This is where he sits to weigh out rock samples that have been ground to dust.

You'll have to ask Landon what this is...I can't remember.

This is his supply closest - his boss's name is Dr. Ritter.

This is something called a "Mass Spectrometer," which sounds sufficiently sciency and super intelligent for me to safely say my husband is a genius...

He has been working on a research project involving ancient climate changes and weather patterns. I wish I knew more about it, but he seems to love it. We've been very fortunate to find these amazing jobs for Landon where he gets to use the knowledge he is gaining in school in real-life situations. We're hoping that'll give him an edge in the erroding job market when he graduates in a year. It is also helping him to refine his interests and decide what he wants to pursue in grad school and in his career. I'm very proud of him and all his accomplishments! It was great to be part of his life for a day.


Anonymous said...

Landon is fast becoming one of Owen's favorites. He tells everyone now that when he grows up he's going to be a palientologist (is that how you spell it?). He told me the other day that dinosaurs are cooler than Thomas, which is HUGE!! We are planning on spending some time in Utah this summer and would love to get together so Owen can talk to Landon.

Chelsi and Trevor said...

Isn't it funny how we share a life together and yet so often know very little about our spouse's separate life? Sometimes it makes me feel sad that I don't know or understand what Trevor does or what he is studying. However, I think the poet Rilke had gave the best description of marriage when he said a man and wife should be guardians of one another's solitude. At the end of the day I am more grateful that Trev supports me in all of my pursuits, rather than wish he would just try to understand the level of character complexity present in Dicken's "Bleakhouse."

Kyle Andrew said...

if you wanted. . . we could socialize more. . . that could keep you in SL for a bit, no?

Andrea said...

I totally know what you mean about it feeling like you have separate pieces of your lives. Not so much me now that I stay at home, but when we were both working it felt that way. I miss you friend!

The Hammonds said...

Wow! How do you guys do that? I guess that having just left Utah a few months ago, I know lots of people who commute from South Jordan to Provo, and it only makes sense for you to commute the other direction, but that must be crazy! But you guys seem to be doing great! Enjoy Utah, I miss it so much!