Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bucket List #32 | Woodland Park Zoo

Confession Time.

We have done more things on our bucket list than I have currently blogged about. :) I don't always have my camera, and sometimes we're just stopping by, and well, life gets busy!! But I'm slowly catching up. So, now you know.

We've been proud members of the Woodland Park Zoo for an entire year now, so I think I can blog about this particular item with an air of expertise.
We've been more times than I can count, but we still find something new to see each time we go!
Each time, Walt always asks to see the monkeys and the penguins. Those are favorite exhibits. We also love the giraffes.

Woodland Park Zoo is huge. The grounds are beautiful, the animals are varied, and the organization is deeply committed to conservation. It's easy to rate this experience:
The zoo is included on the regular city pass - it's bit out of the way, but not too hard to get to, and definitely worth it if you have kids or just love animals. We're off to renew our pass for another year. :) 

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