Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Break!

We had a special visitor for spring break this year. We also spent spring break with her last year! Maybe it's a new tradition? (Chel? Want to come back next March?)
On of my favorite cousins, Chelsea, came to hang with us for a few days. It was some much-needed time away from work and school and cleaning and such. We packed a lot in.
Doughnuts at Pike Place are a must for any visitors - even the ones who have been here a lot!
We also went to Smith Tower (more on that later), then hit up a famous local joint called Paseo for lunch. The line was long, and we almost left...
But it turned out to be so worth it!
The next day, after delicious desserts and binge-watching Sherlock, we decided to head out for a day trip. I was hoping for good weather, but alas, the rain never ceases here. We took a chance and made the drive to Port Townsend anyway.
Luckily, the rain let up a bit and we had a pretty enjoyable time! We didn't really get to enjoy the beach or anything because of the cold, but we did have fun shopping, eating, and visiting the Marine Science museum there. Walt especially liked the octopus they had on display.
The trip over got me really excited to visit Olympic National Park in the near future.
Thanks again for coming Chel!! It's always fun to hang out and a great excuse to explore.

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