Monday, April 8, 2013

Extradition: British Columbia (Also, Bucket List #19 | Vancouver, BC)

Spring Break.

I had no idea. The concept of a week off of everything right when the weather is beginning to turn is genius. Idaho/Utah, you really ought to jump on this bandwagon!

We used our first official spring break to plan a trip up to visit Chel in Canada, where she is almost done with grad school. It was kind of our last chance to go see her before she goes back to Utah. She was such a fabulous hostess and we had so much fun! Without further ado, a massive photo dump of our trip:
Not pictured: Several outstanding meals, many excellent conversations, staying up late watching Psych, The Mighty Ducks, and Project Runway, and lots and lots of Canadian Chocolate.

So Walt has now been to 2 countries, 1 Canadian province, and 7 US states. That is a fairly well-traveled 2-year-old!

Vancouver definitely rates
It's so beautiful, it's a short distance away, and there is a lot to see and do. Personally, I wouldn't recommend it as a day trip. It's possible, but the border crossing can take awhile and I think you'd be too rushed. Definitely an overnighter. Especially if you happen to have a cousin who is cool like that and lets you sleep in her bed.

Thanks again for having us Chel, we had a great time!

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Amy Diestler said...

Love the pics! BC is definitely on my bucket list. So jealous of your PNW adventures!