Monday, April 7, 2014


I have the greatest friends. Since moving to Seattle, I've found a great group of people that love to just chill - go to the park, swap babysitting, make random trips to Joanns, go to lunch, have crazy parties, and just be silly. I love it.
My good friend Sharlie and some of her partners-in-crime decided to throw a joint baby shower for me and another friend who is due a few weeks before me (also with a girl, yay!).
I know that not all second children get baby showers. I am super lucky. It was so nice to hit the pause button and remember to get excited about my new baby! Sometimes life is just crazy and it's hard to keep things in perspective.
We had a blast just talking, swapping baby stories, eating treats and of course oooing and ahhhing over cute little baby girl clothes. When I brought home my loot, Landon said, "Does this make you super excited to have a little girl?" We were both a little giddy. It makes it real to have a bunch of pink dresses hanging up in the closet. :)
As Sharlie said, "I guess you can have a baby now! You've got your crib set up, some outfits, diapers - what more do you need?"

I guess nothing! (Although my house is not baby-clean and my bag isn't packed and I would really prefer not to have a preemie. :)) Can't wait to meet you baby girl - see you in about 8 weeks!

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