Monday, April 21, 2014


I'm always grateful for Easter Sunday. It's a beautiful time to reflect on the life of our Savior and celebrate new life in the world.
It's also fun to wear matching outfits, eat copious amounts of chocolate, and enjoy the day as a family.
And while I don't really need an excuse, it's a good time to make Walt pose for a few photos. :) It was a little harder this year without Landon there to make him smile, but we did ok. (Check out old Easter photos here)
Even though we weren't together on Easter Sunday, we managed to make the holiday special. We dyed eggs, saw the Easter bunny, and did a scripture countdown, which Walt loves. I love it too. It helps me focus on the reason we celebrate.
Well, the main reason. Let's be honest, a holiday devoted to Mini-Cadbury eggs would not at all be out of line.
Happy Easter!

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