Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Approximately one year ago, we sold our washer and dryer, filled a dumpster with things we didn't need, said a fond farewell to Utah and all of our friends and family, packed up the rest of our belongings, and drove 16 hours in a huge leap of faith that we'd find a new life here in Seattle, WA.

We were nervous, but mostly excited. Landon had been accepted to one of the top programs in the country to study just what he wanted to study in a beautiful setting. I had just gotten some freelance work and was making the transition to stay-at-home mom.

One year later, we are content. We adore Seattle - its coastline, its verdancy, its quirky people, and all that there is to do and see here. We have made some amazing friends,  improved our apartment, and hosted lots of guests. We often say, "I can picture us living here forever," something we never felt about Utah. Although life will probably not settle us here, we are soaking up every opportunity we are given as long as we stay.

We've completed 23/100 items on a lofty bucket list (actually a few more, but I haven't had time to blog about them all), and added in at least 7 other adventures. We're right on track for finishing our list before Landon graduates.

It's not perfect. We have less money than ever before, and making it work on 1.5 incomes that still add up to less than what I made at my first job out of college is a little rough. We miss our families, and we aren't always able to afford the 12 hour drive back and forth when we most want to. Especially since Chelsea left, we've been a little sad to be apart.

But it's home. We fit in here. We've found a bit of independence, great people at work, school and church, and never a dull moment. And thank goodness for Google Hangouts.

I sometimes think about the stories Walt will have to tell someday, when he's in jr. high and talking about where he's from. He'll cite his earliest memories of living in Seattle, hanging out on the beach, jumping in huge rain puddles in the parking lot, soaking up the city culture and shopping at farmer's markets. We are happy we have this opportunity and just enjoying the ride.

Happy Seattleversary to us!

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