Saturday, September 14, 2013


Over Labor Day, our good friend Laura came to the Seattle area and invited us to stay with her at a beach house in Kingston. Um, duh we said yes.
Walt is getting to be a pro at the ferry. :)

We were only there for two nights, but we saw everything: the beach (A whale! Landon says it was a sea lion but I am sticking with whale. It's more dramatic.), Point No Point Lighthouse, Port Gamble, and the famous J'Aime Les Crepes.
Oh. My. Amazing. I felt like I was back in Paris, only the crepes were better. We stayed for dessert.

Our trip was so epic we created our own Instagram hashtag - #burgenersgotokingston. :)
It was so nice to have a mini vacation, see Laura, take a break from life and hang out together! And friends, I think I am addicted to the beach. No more land-locked living for me. I was born for this sea-air stuff. I can't imagine this ever getting old...
The perfect end to such a full-filled summer! Thanks again, Laura!

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