Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bucket List #5 | U District Farmer's Market

After all of the craziness with our families visits, we have been enjoying a little peace and quiet around here. Of course, I couldn't handle it being too quiet...we have done a couple of fun projects, and a couple of weeks ago, we opted for a short jaunt to the U District Farmer's Market - we wanted to go while blueberries are still in season!
First off - Seattle takes its farmer's markets very seriously. The U-District market, and others, is a year-round event with artisan cheeses, raw milk, urban honey, fresh pressed cider, and all kinds of organic fruits and veggies for sale.
Things here were pretty expensive, but they were also delicious. We really appreciated the fact that the things for sale here are actually from local farmers. It's not an arts-and-crafts fair crusading as a farmer's market. It feels a little like Europe, and we could tell that some of the people around us were there for their weekly grocery shopping.
We came home with a nice little bunch of produce and other goods ourselves, so we must have liked it! A word of advice: bring cash; only a few of the merchants take credit/debit cards! Also, a reusable grocery bag would have been helpful.
(Lemon cucumbers, peaches, gorgeous blueberries, urban honey, country apple cider, and fresh cheese)

I'm not sure I'd call it a tourist attraction, exactly, but there were of course a few street musicians there! It was almost as crowded as Pike Place for the space (this particular market is on Saturdays, so I'm sure that contributes).

Even so, we rate the market:
If you're looking for gorgeous produce or locally farmed goods, this is the place to get them! It has a truly local feel, and you're sure to come home with something that catches your eye.

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