Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bucket List #21 | Leavenworth

As soon as I found out my mom was coming to visit, I knew we had to go to Leavenworth. My mom lived in Austria during a study abroad program when she was in college (the first time). Growing up, it was always part of our family tradition. We heard stories of Austria, had decorations that reflected Austria, and did a few Austrian things at Christmastime.

Leavenworth is actually not founded by Bavarian people - it was an old railroad town, and when there stopped being traffic through there, the people got together and decided to adapt, and created a "Bavarian" paradise! So it's not totally authentic, but we knew that ahead of time. :) I think Leavenworth was actually the best part of my parents' trip. It was so nice to get away and not worry about what we were doing for dinner or getting the dishes done. (Although to be honest, my Mom took care of most of that, anyway. :))
We loved exploring the shops, eating Bratwurst, and swimming in the hotel pool. We bought a fun Christmas ornament from one of the little Christmas stores.
And we had a great time exploring the Nutcracker Museum! What a cooky, awesome place!

The whole atmosphere is kind of like Disneyland - it's just one big party!
Oh, and there's this:
Such a pretty drive (ignore our dirty windshield).

We rate Leavenworth:
It was going to be 4 stars before I tasted the amazing gelato. Now I have to go back!

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Roger and Laurene said...

What?? A FOUR?? Dad told someone the other day that even HE wanted to go back. That's a miracle.
Plus... The Cheesemonger's Shop, as well as Cherry Bordeaux Balsamic. Need I say more?
Definitely five stars.
But then, our whole trip was five stars. :-)