Sunday, February 10, 2013

Birthday Party

My birthday looked a little different than usual this year. Somehow, our entire family caught the cold spawned by the devil himself, which has lasted for 2 weeks and is still hanging on. But I did get to be lazy, watched the superbowl, and got lots of phone calls, text messages, and emails telling me I was loved.

And I got to celebrate with this little gent:
And this charmer spoiled me: Kindle case + gift card (cuz I need encouragement to read more books...), Ataris CD (yes, you read that right. :)), various and sundry other awesome gifts...and made me the most preciously pathetic cake you've ever seen:
He was really sick, too, and I felt so loved that he let me sleep in, went out of his way to make it a fun day, and even attempted a layer cake in his condition. For the record, the cake was my favorite flavor, and it tasted amazing.

I received this mountain of gifts from my lovely family:
And if you're wondering what's in the huge Amazon box: it's my new best friend, a Silhouette Cameo from my parents!!! I wish I'd had more time to play with it, but so far, mostly we've just been dreaming up all the fun projects we're going to make! Hopefully you will see the fruits of our labors soon.

If the last 26 years are any indication, I'm pretty sure year 27 is going to ROCK.

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Nancy said...

Sorry you all were/are sick. We all have something terrible here too, it's no fun. You are going to love your silhouette! They are so fun and handy! Happy Birthday!