Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Farewell Week - Jackson Family

The second half of our awesome trip to Idaho was spent with the Jackson fam. Abby, Stella and Siena even made the drive up to hang out with us. We had a blast, and packed a lot of stuff into our 5 days, including stuff like:

Yellowstone National Park

Lots of crazy playing and hanging out

Walks in the park

Grandma and Grandpa time

And so much more!

I won't lie - I totally cried when we pulled out of the driveway and started our trip home. I love my family a lot, and it's hard to tell them goodbye. I'm glad we took this time to be with everyone, relax, talk, and play hard before we head out to Seattle. Luckily, we're planning on heading home for Christmas, so it's really not too long before we see them all again.

The only problem with this big, amazing trip is that now Landon has graduated, we've said our goodbyes, I've wrapped up most of my major work assignments, and we're ready to go...I kinda wish that we could just get on with it! 2 more days until the big move!

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