Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Epic Week Part 4: Fossil Beds

Still catching up!

On our drive to Boise, we passed a place called the Hagerman Fossil Beds. Of course my Geologist husband at once begged to go. But it was late, we were all exhausted, and just wanted to get there. So I said we'd stop on the way back. He held me to it.
It turned out to be a fun little detour. We didn't see many fossils, but the park ranger at the visitors center was quite informative. She sent us on a beautiful drive to see parts of Idaho we hadn't previously explored. Landon kept excitedly pointing out geological features and demanding I take photos of this or that boulder. If he ever finishes school and becomes a professor, he'll have an impressive collection of photos to aid in his lectures. :)
Walt slept through most of it, but he woke up at the end and enjoyed the view with us.
We're always up for an adventure, and I'm really glad we stopped here. We might not get another chance to be in that little corner of the world, and it was worth the 40 minute detour to see my husband's face light up like that. I believe that Walt has firmly inherited this curiosity about the world, and I hope he'll love to explore random sites as much as his parents do!

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