Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Friendly Weekend

We all had a big weekend filled with new friends and old.

Thursday we met up with Barrett and Andrea, who we hadn't seen in three years. I wish I'd taken pictures, their kids are getting so big! It was a blast to catch up. I only wish it hadn't been cut short because of kids' bedtimes...

Friday the Burgeners came into town! We always have fun with family, this weekend was no different. Walt took some time warming up to the pool...clearly we need to take him swimming more often. But I think he had fun anyway.
Saturday Walt was invited to his very first birthday party! Our good friends' little girl was born about 3 months before Walt-O. It was such a cute party, and got me thinking about plans myself...:) He wasn't too sure about all of the noise and strangers, but he did like the food:

Walt's new friend Rocky (who looks exactly like a mini Parson, by the way) was convinced Walt was out to steal his marshmallow...I couldn't manage to convince him that Walt's too little to eat treats.
The next day, we packed the family up and went to little Nikolai's blessing - Nikolai is about 7 months younger than Walt, and we're hopeful they're destined to be best buds like their parents.
After all that fun, we felt like this:
We don't mean to be anti-social, it's just that getting our little family of three out of the house can be more of a chore than a fun activity.  But we were reminded over the weekend that the effort we put into our relationships with family and friends is always rewarded. 

So if you're ever in Utah (or wherever our road takes us), give us a call, even if we haven't talked for awhile - the Burgeners are up for a little partyin'!

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Nancy said...

That's so fun! We were going to come to Story's birthday but ended up not being able to make it :( but hopefully we will be making a trip to Utah sometime after Jenna is born.