Monday, August 1, 2011

Greetings from Seattle

The last 4 days the Burgener clan has been having an adventure of epic proportions, kicked off with Walt's first plane ride! It loked pretty much like this:
We've seen the Space Needle:

Puget Sound (Walt had his first boat ride):

And some pretty sweet museums:
Walt's favorite thing has been the "Experience Music Project," where they have a giant screen with psychedelic projections accompanied by loud music. His face looked like this the whole time:
Yeah, he was pretty into it. Our favorite thing has been Pike Place Market:
One of the reasons we came was to check out the University of Washington campus:
We are starting our quest for a PhD program that is right for our family. There's a lot to consider, but just based on the beauty of this campus, UW is definitely in the running!

Tomorrow we say farewell to the "Emerald City," but (as always) we have more adventures in store. And who knows, we may be back!


Nancy said...

How fun! I love Seattle, it's a nice place to visit!

Amy Diestler said...

I did my internship in Seattle and absolutely loved it! In fact, my goal is to someday return and live there. I highly recommend it!

PS Little Walt is a cutie! And what a cute mama you make!

jess said...

Ha, I love Walt's psychedelic music face! He looks just like his dad, since Landon seems to usually be making that "What's going on?!?" face. Let's hope the little guy inherited his mama's smarts, though. ;P

Kyle Andrew said...

Seattle is my favorite city!!! Molly, Chelsea, and I went there once. We even have a picture form that same scuba cut-out that you guys found at the aquarium.

Landon and Amanda said...

That is SO IRONIC!!! Landon and I were there that same weekend with MY family...we went to the Science Center, The Space Needle, and Pike's Place Market Too! We loved it and I can tell that you did too. We already want to plan another vacation there :)

Steph said...

DANG IT LADY! I just moved to Seattle like 2 months ago! I would have loved to see little Walt! (and you and landon of course)! Oh well, it looks like you had a lovely time without me anyway!