Monday, May 9, 2011

My First Mother's Day

So apparently being pregnant counts as being a Mom. Who knew? Landon decided that this would be my first official Mother's Day, and spoiled me accordingly. I have to say, it was a marked improvement over the same day last year.

It started out with breakfast in bed:

Then we headed off to Church where, since all of the Young Women were teaching primary and a lot of other people were out of town, we miraculously only had four kids in attendance at our Sunday School class. Wow. It is SOOOO much easier to handle 4 kids than 16. Huge difference. And a nice break.

We talked to our own fabulous mothers, and then Landon made lunch, we took a nap and he ALSO made dinner. What a guy. :) We got to talk to someone special in Nicaragua--

And then on top of everything else, I was spoiled with gifts! Including a new Arthur book, a great book about babies, and:
Yeah. I'm pregnant, what can I say? Ignore my awful hairdo, I had just woken up.

Is not my husband the greatest guy in the world? Such a fun day. I could get used to this!


Andrea said...

Glad you got spoiled! I did too and it was oh so lovely! Miss you!

Samuel and Camille said...

O MY GOSH... I crace sweedish fish everyday, I wanted to reach through my screen and grab that bag... When is your due date...