Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Bean Museum

Sometimes, being 7.5 months pregnant and sitting at a desk all day don't mesh well. After a busy day at work where I didn't get many chances to take breaks and walk around, I was pretty fried yesterday. I wanted to walk, and walk, and walk...Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating. It was hailing/raining/threatening to snow.

Our solution? Mobile FHE at the BYU Bean Museum! Yes, we are the last people in the world to know about this place. Maybe because we don't have kids yet? But trust me, you don't need little kids to enjoy it.

We saw all kinds of interesting creatures:
A "Liger" - Bread for their skills in magic. :)

Bugs. Yuck. But cool.

Giant, scary Kodiak Bear.

And a flashback to some familiar territory:

We can home tired and happy, which is just the way we like it! Thanks Bean Museum, we'll be back another day.


Andrea said...

I love the Bean museum!! I can't believe you just discovered it! Hope to see you guys soon

Jenay said...

Holy cow I miss the Bean! That used to be one of my favorite spots. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Hey, and 7 mos pregnant?!?! Hoo-ray! You are going to be the coolest mom ever. All the other little kids will be like, "Mom, why can't you be her?"