Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You must be THIS TALL to read...

Date nights have been in short supply around here lately, I'll admit. Between trips to Idaho, piles of homework, house projects, and a myriad of other things that we can never seem to put off, we often opt for pizza and Netflix at home on the weekend. But when we saw the poster for this:
We knew we couldn't miss it! We started reading the first Fablehaven book written by Brandon Mull out loud together, way back when we were engaged. It was the first book we read together. We eventually made our way through all five books of the series, and have branched out into other books as well. It's become one of our favorite family traditions. So we requested tickets, stood in line to get good seats, and had a blast listening to a short presentation by one of our favorite authors.
He was very articulate and had all the kids in the audience totally captivated. Partway through the presentation, we started looking around and slowly realized...we were quite possibly the ONLY people in the room that weren't accompanied by someone under the age of 12 (well, you know, besides the kid I'm currently incubating, but he doesn't really count yet, since he can't read, or even be read to). We felt a little sheepish, but you know, it really isn't the first time we've done something that may not have been considered age-appropriate. So we stood in line with our book anyway, and got it signed:
This is Landon's embarrassed face, because we really were the tallest people in the room. When we got up to the table, however, Brandon Mull told us that he was glad to see people more his age there, because it validates HIS love of what he writes. We felt a little better after that.

In any event, we're so glad we went. It's great to live in a college town (we found the same thing with Rexburg) because there are many free (or very cheap) cultural opportunities out there such as this one. We're trying hard to be better about not letting them pass us by, and enjoying all that life has to offer. Even when we feel just a little bit silly doing it!


Jillybean said...

Ha ha. You guys are awesome! We just finished fablehaven a few months ago and loved it! We would have gone with you! What did he talk about? That sounds so interesting.

Ashley Ferguson Moreno said...

I love those books! I wish I could've been there:)