Thursday, March 3, 2011

Someone get the ark!

In case you wondered where we've been, our lives for the past week and a half have mostly consisted of dealing with this:

We had a little flood in our basement apartment. Which necessitated this:

Moving everything from one side of our bedroom into the "second bedroom." This isn't so bad, really, except that I have spent the last two months cleaning OUT that room in preparation for a cute, wiggly little someone to move IN. As I told Landon: One of the compensations of pregnancy is being able to buy cute things and to redecorate part of your house. So to see all that junk go in and make my hard work non-existent...well, I was not a happy camper.

But, life is still good. Besides the baby-growing business, and dealing with our slightly crazy landlady while sorting through the flooding, we've been busy with work and homework, dinner with Landon's Antarctica buddies (so fun to meet them all!), and the 50+ degree weather we've enjoyed for the last few days (I love UT!). Also, I found $8 in my coat pocket on Monday, so really, life is pretty great all around!


Nancy said...

Sad!! That's not fun. I'm glad everything else is going well though.

Landon and Alaina said...

I found you again on blogger and here you are all having a baby soon. The things you miss out on! Ugh it is so not fun when you have to rearrange everything in your house when you got it cleaned! And those daily shots would terrify me as well!