Friday, February 18, 2011

Global Warming

When people find out that Landon is studying Geology, hands down the most-asked question is this: "So does he believe in global warming?" Some people ask this in an incredulous tone, as though an affirmative answer makes us crazy hippies. Others are clearly asking so they can condescend "I told you so" to someone else. Almost inevitably, they already have a firmly formed opinion, and are not really interested in his answer other than to affirm their own stance that a) all climate scientists are lazy, conniving, power-hungry political pawns who manipulate their research to confuse congress into making terrible decisions that will ultimately destroy the country or b) all conservatives are ignorant, religious zealots who would rather see the earth as a barren wasteland than bend their worldview or work with liberals and other countries on solutions to our problems.
I am not trying to make you feel bad if you have asked us this question. As a matter of fact, Landon LOVES to talk about this issue with people because, well, that's what his master's research has been based on. He's geeky about science and can relate facts till he's blue in the face. But it does bother him when, once he's given an initial yes or no, people tune him out and instead start a political debate about the merits of cap and trade or electric car subsidies.
So when one of our good friends from high school sent me a text the other day asking "So, what does your husband say about global warming?" I laughed a little and replied "He says a LOT." It turns out that our friend was genuinely interested in finding the true facts about global climate change and the repercussions thereof. In response, Landon spent several hours composing an email that I think lays out the facts in a simple, understandable, politically-free manner. It does contain his opinions, but he is careful to always preface those sections with "this is my opinion."
Since some of you have also asked us about this issue, I thought I would share Landon's insights on the matter so that you can better understand where he's coming from and what has led him there. Remember: Landon is a climate scientist with a bachelor's degree in Geology and has completed 1.5 semesters of master's study on the issue. He isn't a PhD yet, he has not published any noteworthy findings or won a Nobel prize. This is simply the issue as he sees it. If this will upset you or possibly cause you to disown us as friends, please don't read it. :)

If you're interested, click here to read his detailed response.

And thanks, Jason, for asking!


Aaron Sebright said...

That was really interesting! I honestly enjoyed reading his response.

Oh. You probably don't know me, but I am Catherine Stricklan's little brother. Yup.

Chelsi said...

Kylie - I really enjoyed this. Good food for thought. Thanks for posting.

Catherine said...

we will never disown you as friends, no matter what your opinions! you are our favorites :D