Thursday, May 6, 2010

What's More American Than Baseball?

For the title reference, click here. My whole fourth-grade year will flash before your eyes.

Tuesday night was UVU's bi-annual "Employee Appreciation Night." AKA, "To make you forget how underpaid you are, we're offering you 5 free tickets to the UVU vs. BYU baseball game, complete with free hot dogs and a UVU window sticker, just in case there was any question of your loyalty (which, you know, there is, since Landon goes to BYU)" night. Free tickets to anything are hard for me to pass up, but a baseball game especially is something I've been wanting to do for awhile. And the fact that they were playing BYU made it all too ironic. So we invited Jesse and Catherine and Landon's brother Dallin to come along for the ride.

Initially, there was some confusion about who we should cheer for. After all, UVU is my employer. But Landon does go to BYU. What to do? So we compromised:

Jesse spent most of the game ecstatic about being at a baseball game, and explaining the rules in depth to the rest of us.

Dallin and Landon were cheering for BYU, loudly, as we sat in the UVU section. Oh so fun.

And what's the point of a baseball game without hot dogs? No, really.

By the fifth inning, we were human Popsicles. Apparently spring hasn't QUITE sprung here in Provo. So we sampled some of the best concession-stand hot cocoa I have ever had.

We stayed till the very end, with the die-hard fans. It was actually a really good game! UVU came roaring out of the starting gate and was completely out-playing the Cougars. In the 6th, BYU came back and tied it up. It was really fun to cheer for both teams and feel totally legit.

In the end, BYU won. Which was ok by us. Go Cougars!

Thanks to Dallin for being a good sport, and Jesse and Catherine for keeping us entertained.We had a blast! We might be baseball fans. Might. In July maybe.

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Chelsi said...

Weird fact: I am a HUGE live baseball fan...I say "live" 'cause I can't watch it on TV (BORING - like wathcing paint dry), but in real life? There is nothing better. :) So glad you enjoyed the experience. If you are ever in a city with a cool staidam - Fenway or someplace, you HAVE to go. There is such a cool sense of American nostalgia in the old satdiums.