Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Graduate

We did it! On April 22 & 23, Landon officially became a certified Geologist! It's been a long journey full of twists and turns, first in deciding on a major, then deciding to transfer to BYU, working as a Paleontological assistant, then switching gears to a Sedimentary research assistant, then settling on Climatology. We've had ups and downs, long trips away from each other, and late nights doing homework. It was all worth it. Rather than bore you with details of the day, I'll let the big smiles in the following photos speak for themselves:

1. The commencement program   2. Waiting for Landon to walk in  3. Can you see him? Facing the camera, top row in the sea of blue   4. Thumbs up, it's over!   5. Walking in to convocation   6. Receiving his diploma from his mentor, employer, and the Department Chair, Dr. Scott Ritter   7. Uncle Rico finally graduated!   8. Landon and Kylie   9. The department after-party   10. Tradition: floating balloons up the pendulum shaft in the ESC   11. ESC lobby, under the department sign   12. The Burgeners minus Miles   13. Posing by the Y   14. Annoyed at the volume of pictures he has already posed for   15. Home away from home   16. So proud! 17-18. Party at our house!   19. His hard-earned gift: a Garmin GPS 60CSx, a necessary tool of the trade.

Also, for those of you who haven't yet heard, we have formally accepted the offer from BYU to attend graduate school. Landon will be studying under Dr. Summer Rupper in Paleoclimatology in both Switzerland and Antarctica for his Master's Thesis. Kylie will be keeping her job at UVU. Bring it on!


Jamie Blake said...

Way to go, Landon! And congrats on accepting BYU's offer!

Roger and Laurene said...

Hey, don't forget that we were there too! And we are very, very, very proud of both of you.
Love you!
Mom and Dad

Charles and Nancy said...

Congratulations! That is very exciting to be done with that phase of life. Good luck with everything coming up.

Kyle Andrew said...

that's ma boy!

Lydia Story said...

Congratulations Landon!! Your BYU cupcakes are really cute!