Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding

The 3 Musketeers - together again!
Once upon a time, there were two best friends. These two friends were as different as could be, and the world let them know it! Luckily for them, the world was wrong, and friendships can last through anything if you're willing to work at it.

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend my best friend's wedding last weekend (Luckily, the event had none of the drama of the movie with the same title). It was such a sweet and humbling experience to sit in the temple and watch as Preston gained a new best friend - his amazing wife. They are so happy! I was honored to be part of that moment in Preston's life. It was definitely worth the drive. I hope and pray that our friendship, as it has done through so many other changes in our lives, will endure forever. I can't wait, because now that we are all married, we can finally go on that huge road trip that we always wanted to in high school! Our other close friend, Jason Christman, was also there, and it was great to reconnect after a long hiatus. I was pleased to find that all of our old jokes and the bond that made us friends are still there. And apparently, I am still on the friends and family discount list. :) Luckily, I am pretty much in love with both of their wives, and the guys get along with Landon well. I have a feeling this could be the beginning of a beautiful new "couples" friendship!
I had to laugh at one part of the day: When I entered the temple, I told the worker that I was there for my best friend's wedding and I wasn't sure where to go. She looked very excited and congratulated me - then took me to the waiting room. A few minutes later, the temple worker came back with Cami's mom in tow, excitedly telling her, "yes, her best friend has just arrived," and pointing at me! Cami's mom looked bewildered; and I hurriedly said, "No, no! I'm the GROOM'S best friend...but it's nice to meet you, Mrs. Labosky!" It brought a smile to my face though - the old paradox of having a guy as my best friend hasn't manifested itself like that since Pres left on his mission. :) I also smiled when, upon entering his luncheon, Preston stopped by the table I was sitting at, leaned down and said, "Your hair is all crazy in the back." I just thought - yep, we're still best friends! Even my husband doesn't tell me things like that in public - it's one of those BFF connections, I suppose.

A few days before the wedding - another wonderful thing happened. Landon and I celebrated our 2-year anniversary. Landon had to be gone, because of school, but he had arranged ahead of time for some beautiful flowers to be delivered to me! It was so thoughtful, and just like him to do that. He also wrote me an amazing card that made me cry. I'll just share part of it:
"I love you 720 times more than I did two years ago, and I already loved you so much then that I could barely hold it in. I'm thinking of you all day. Love, Landon"

I can't belive it has been two years! So strange to think that we have now married for the same amount of time that we were apart during Landon's mission (The married two years went by so much faster). We have been through so many growing experiences since then, and there hasn't been a day that we haven't loved, and that hasn't brought us closer together. I am so blessed with a righteous, kind, generous, loving, intelligent, wonderful husband. I'm the lucky one, for sure.

So Pres, it looks like we'll be sharing yet another thing in our lives - an anniversary. Here's wishing you the best, and hoping that two years from now, you and Cami are as happy and blessed as we, and that you love each other 720 times more than you did last Friday when you were sealed in the temple. I know that Landon and I will love each other at least 720 times more then than we do now.


Chelsea said...

Possibly the cutest thing I've read in all my life. So precious.

Andrea said...

I can't believe you were in Rexburg twice and didn't call me once!!! You are in big trouble!! I miss you! Congrats on two years though. Time flies too fast!

Preston D Lee said...

Wow... I never saw this! What a great post! Good times.