Monday, February 2, 2009

Hi, I'm a Mac.

Four years and two months ago...Kylie brought forth into her collection a new computer, a Mac computer. She converted from a PC why? Well, because the Mac was cute and little, why else? The iBook G4 served her well through thick and thin, through a major/minor swap, many projects and presentations, one national contest (honorable mention baby!) and two college graduations. Then it was passed on to Landon.

Unfortunately, after a year, the G4 and Landon had a few fights. Let's face it, 4 years is a lot to ask from any computer, especially a laptop. And when Landon spilled a little water and the arrow keys ceased to work, we decided it was time for an upgrade. Without further ado, introducing...
Our new MacBook! You can tell how excited Landon is. It's so shiny. And it was super fun to walk into the Mac store and take up all the sales peoples' time and feel like we were rich. We've never actually spent money at a certified Apple dealer before, although we've been there many times. We've already had some fun with the new computer:

Landon took it to school today, and we'll be all set after we install Office and find a case for it. Thank you, President Obama, for our happy Pell Grant check, allowing Landon to finally have a computer that is fully functional. Here's to four more years of being diehard Mac people! Don't worry, we're keeping the G4 for Kylie's photography. She's very happy to have it back (no laptops were harmed in the making of this post).

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Chelsea said...

I'm jealous. My laptop is on its last legs, but I'm too poor to buy a new one :(