Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Me!

Yesterday I turned 23.
It was kind of a normal day. I got up early and sent Landon out the door, went to work all day, and came home. It's weird how birthdays change as you get older. Luckily, Landon made it a special day after all!
He told me that we were going somewhere for a surprise and that I had to be home by 6:30. We left the house around 6:45 and drove around for awhile...he couldn't find where we were supposed to be going. I calmly advised that he call his family and ask them to look up the address. He stopped the car and called everyone we knew, but no one was home to help.
Dejected, he came back to the car and told me that we would just have to go back home and look it up. He apologized about 60 times. We made it back to our apartment, he opened the door and pushed me inside, and I found:
Ta-Dah! I surprise party just for me! Woo hoo! I've never had a surprise party before. The party came complete with My family and friends,Lots of generous presents and a birthday crown...
Party chip cake and Arthur plates! (two of my favorite things in the world)
And balloons! (I guess Landon didn't look at the packaging close enough - We laughed hard about this)
Thanks everyone, for making it a special day. It's nice to know there are people who love me unconditionally and are willing to hide in my house, put up decorations and jump out and yell surprise. It's always nice to feel appreciated. And thanks to everyone for all the wonderful gifts. I can't wait to read my books, watch my movies, have a picnic with our new basket, wear my new clothes (actually, I'm wearing them today - thanks Mom and Landon!), and hang up the picture my parents gave me. I love you all!


Chelsi and Trevor said...

Hooray Kylie!
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Kylie,
Happy Birthday to You.

We would call and actually sing this to you, but trust me, it sounds lots better this way.

Glad your day was special, enjoy 23!

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing so hard about the balloons. That is totally something I would do. How fun that they used them anyway. I love it!! Happy Birthday, Kylie!

Roger and Laurene said...

About those balloons...Didn't you GET it? Landon wanted a repeat of the HONEYMOON. :) I can't believe your MOM just said that. :)
Happy Birthday kid. You're awesome.

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Kylie! You always seem to be having so much fun! :)

Carlee said...

I love that your mom just said that! ;) Happy Birthday Kylie!

Heidi and Eric Kowallis said...

Thanks for looking at my blog! I didn't realize I hadn't added you. So I am now. Hope your day was special! Are you guys coming to Kenne's report this weekend? If so that will be fun to see you!
Love Heidi

Steph said...

How fun! What an clever idea!
Its always so much fun to be surprised!
I love the arthur plates by the way... so you! I still have a pic of you and your arthur show on tv. ;)
Happy belated b-day! I can't believe you are such an oldie

Kyle Andrew said...

yay for birthdays!!!
It was an honor to play a role in your surprise. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Also, thanks for posting the picture of my crash course in bopping you on the noggin.
Joyeux Anniversaire

abby said...

I was going to post about your birthday, but the pictures I had..... let's just say you will thank me later. Happy Birthday!!!