Monday, January 5, 2009

A Good 'Ol Fashioned Christmas

Jackson Family 2008

Whew. Christmas was amazing this year. The Burgeners are back at work/school after a well-deserved, unprecedented 12 day vacation. We had such a fabulous time with both of our families; great food, late-night 80s movie marathons, games, food, sleeping late, food, staying up till 1 a.m. almost every night, enjoying each others' company for more than 2 hours a day, and more food were just a few of the things we loved about our break! Please enjoy the following photo essay of our trip to Idaho and back.

It all started with a Christmas Eve feast - Jackson style.

Passing on timeless traditions to Stella...

Who promptly found a strange fear of Santa Claus. Here she is trying to see if he's coming to get her (We have to confess that this fear may not have been helped by Nick, Landon and Josh).

Economic crisis what?

Happy, lazy Christmas "morning," it was probably 9:00 in this picture. Notice we haven't opened any presents yet. Love Jackson Christmases!

Stella with her purple snake - this is the only thing she wanted for Christmas.

Christmas was followed by many lazy afternoons; some of which we spent building Jenga towers...


(Kylie kicked Landon's butt!)

And other activities, not picture worthy, since we mostly watched a lot of movies. We were COMPLETELY spoiled! Kylie got some"cute puffy boots," a pearl necklace, two seasons of Gilmore Girls, and a CD player for the kitchen! Landon got the original 3 Star Wars movies, a new jacket, lots of new clothes, art supplies, and a popcorn popper! We also got lots of movies, books, treats and toys. The Jacksons gave us a TON of much-needed food storage and a cupboard to put it all in, and the Burgeners gave us some fun things, too, including a new shelf for our living room, new shoes for both of us, and a new book for Landon. Thanks everyone, for the best Christmas ever!


Rach said...

I am saddend that I didn't get to see you guys over the holidays... which means we STILL NEED TO GET TOGETHER!! Kylie you my remember that once all of this white stuff is gone.. I disappear! lol... please call me when you get some free time so we can PLAY

Rach said...

Also... Merry Belated Christmas and Belated New Years!

Lexi said...

What a great holiday! It sounds like a blast!! I do have to apologize..I hope I didn't give away your Christmas present this year. Your mom said "nice post about the food storage, now Kylie will know how much her Christmas present cost"! Sorry!! Sounds like you had a good holiday. I miss you and hope that all is going well getting back to real life. It kinda stinks, I could get used to sleeping in and taking time off. Oh well!