Monday, December 22, 2008


It's been a busy week at the Burgener home! We just completed several trips to Idaho, and last weekend the Jackson family were here for Abby's play. We had a lot of fun with them, including a trip to Temple Square to see the lights.

This Friday, Landon finally finished finals week. This has probably been his most difficult semester so far, with Calculus and a Mineralogy class taking up a lot of his time. Already we know that he earned an "A" in his field camp class, and we're hoping for many more such fabulous results! He's a stud for working so hard in school.

Kylie also said goodbye to her sweet primary class on Sunday. Since we'll be out of town next week, she'll have new kids when we get back! The call to be a Sunbeam teacher caused a lot of stress and even some tears in the beginning, but she has truly seen the blessing of our Heavenly Father, helping her to relate to the children and find joy in teaching them the gospel. She loves those kids and is so sad to see them move on. Now she has to break in a whole new group of three-year-olds!

We are now preparing for yet another trip to Idaho...this time for Christmas! It'll be an all-out gathering of the entire Jackson family, which has been long in coming. We're both really excited for the holiday - both for the celebration of Christmas and some well-deserved time off from work and school! Just pray for us...the snow has been crazy here in Utah, and we're a little apprehensive about the drive.

And just for those of you who are wondering what working for an Advertising agency really entails, here is a little taste of ThomasArts:

yes, that is the CEO of our company singing "Burn, Baby Burn," on the karaoke machine...

And here are the rest of our fearless leaders...

Yep, TA is a riot. And sometimes feels vaguely like an insane asylum. That's what a 50 hour work week will do to you. It's a veritable certainty that Kylie will soon follow.

Merry Christmas everyone! We wish everyone safe travels and a very happy holiday. We're very grateful for our wonderful families and friends, who are the support system that keeps us going. We love you all. We also feel so grateful for the many things we have been blessed with, and for the happiness that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings us. We know that we couldn't do this alone.

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Carlee said...

Kylie, what a cute blog! And that picture of you and your sunbeams is adorable! Merry Christmas you two!