Friday, November 7, 2008

Go Grizzlies!

Wednesday night, we were able to score tickets to a Grizzlies hockey game from Kylie's work. We had a lot of fun with some of Kylie's work friends.

Landon's favorite part was the Zamboni.

Kylie's favorite part was the huge fight that broke out!

About half way through, we got really bored and started taking random pictures of ourselves...then we went and bought a pretzel.

We had to call Wesley, Landon's little brother who is a sports fanatic!
We had a great time, (and the Grizzlies won!) although we're not sure we'll become major hockey fans in the future. Go Grizzlies!


Kyle Andrew said...

my favorite part is that there are about fifty people in the entire E center. who are the grizzlies anyway?

Chelsi and Trevor said...

Sounds fun, I actually really like to watch Hockey, mostly because of the fights I think.

Chelsea said...

The fights are the best part about hockey anyway. It's kind of like Nascar. The only reason you watch is to see the drama of destruction.