Thursday, July 3, 2008


My friend Jamie tagged me in a post to write a little bit about here goes!

1- Not to be too gushy, but I certainly love being married! I love my husband so much, and every second that we are together is full of fun!
2- Phone calls with my mom and sister. I love talking to them! I am always calling one or the other on my way home from work, and we talk about anything and everything. It is so great to have a family support system.
3- Reading. I love so much to curl up with a really good book. Landon and I make weekly trips to the library, and you can always find us perusing Barnes and Noble! We are fanatics.
1- I have an irrational fear of fire. As in, I make Landon light his own birthday candles. When I was around 10 years old, my hair caught on fire after a home-perm. I have not lit a match since.
2- The Supernatural. I am terrified of dead people, ghosts, spirits possesing people, devil worshiping, demons, haunted places, etc etc. I watched "The Sixth Sense" when it came out in theaters, and I still have occassional nightmares about it. I HATE horror movies.
3- I am always afraid that I am inadequate.
1- To start a family. Someday, we will be able to! Right now I am loving working.
2- To take Landon back to Peru. We are saving a little each month, and we are almost half-way there!
3- To volunteer for some kind of government agency. I am thinking on the city level.
Current Obsessions:
1- LOST. Ironically, it is my roommate, Jamie (the same one who tagged me for this post), that got me into this show! Now we can't stop watching it!
2- This Blog.
3- Baby names! Even though it's a long way off, Landon and I love to talk about names that we like. We bought a baby name book at DI for 50 cents, and sometimes at night we browse through to check what our favorite names mean.
Random, Surprising Facts:
1- I have had the chicken pox twice. The second time was when I was 19 years old!
2- I am obssessed with the kid's TV show, Arthur. Anyone who knows me knows that this is not a joke. I have an extensive collection of Arthur paraphanilia, including a beadspread, huge DVD collection, lots of books, a backpack, stickers, calendar, stuffed animals, magnets, and much, much more! Maybe I will take a picture of the collection soon so you can all enjoy my madness!
3- I have met the President of the United States.
Tag, You're It! I tag Steph, Luke and Erin.


Bryce and Jamie Blake said...

yay, ky! thanks for sharing! love you!

Preston Desmond Lee said...

can i just saythe posing on the family pic is amazing! How dorky is that of me to say that! All the photos look great- nice job!