Sunday, June 29, 2008

1st Annual Burgener Family Reunion

Last weekend, we had the fun opportunity of heading home to Idaho for a fun family reunion with the Burgener clan! We had a blast, but both Landon and Kylie were more than worn out by the time we got home. We had forgotten how much energy Spencer has! :)

We spent the first day just relaxing and loving it, with all of the siblings (minus Dallin, who we missed, but we're so glad he's in Slovakia). We took the kids out for a snow cone to celebrate the perfect weather, and because Kylie hadn't had a Sno-Shack since high school. Spencer, who is seven, wasn't so sure he wanted one -- I don't think he knew about the joys of Sno-Shack. After Landon ordered a blackberry-lemon-lime-mango concoction that looked as revolting as it sounds, Spencer found out he could have whatever he wanted, and he was sold. Although, as you can tell from his face, he was still a little unsure. We took a walk along Main Street and enjoyed the memories of Rexburg, although it looks quite a bit different from the way we remember it! The boys also kept up their fun tradition of a little rough-housing on the tramp, which Erin and Kylie politely declined (note Miles' famous "fairy dance," on the right, a photo I keep threating to post on Facebook where his friends can see it):

Saturday morning we woke up very early and attended the Rexburg Temple for the first time with Kelly and Elizabeth and the Jacksons. It is such a beautiful building, and we really felt the spirit there. Thanks to Bishop Johnson for helping Kylie get inside after she left her recommend in Utah!

Also on Saturday, we drove up to Mesa Falls and enjoyed a fun hike and picnic. We enjoyed just being together. Landon and Elizabeth did a great job on the sandwiches.

We were quite tired out after our hike (and sunburned), so we hit up the movie theater for a special treat. Ladies and gentlemen, the must-see movie of the summer:

If anyone hasn't seen this, we highly recommend it. Completely family friendly, and everyone was laughing the whole time. It's definitely a keeper.
Sunday we had dinner with the Jacksons, and a s a special treat were able to see Kylie's cousin Ben, along with some old family friends, the Stephensons! We had a lot of fun. We were sad to leave, but happy to be home. We'll go on another adventure again soon! Thank you Burgeners, for all you did for us over the weekend, and especially for the tank of gas you so slyly gave to us. It was like Christmas early! And now we'll be able to come again soon. We love our Burgener family!


Roger and Laurene said...

Where's Kylie... oh Kylie... where are you??? No photos of the newest of the Burgener clan? What's up with that??? Thank you again for inviting us to attend the temple with you. We love you both!

Mike and Erin Duerden- said...

AHHH!!! How did I not see you when you were up? Hehe, well I'm sure you were plenty busy. That's crazy you guys went to Mesa Falls, we went camping over the weekend and stayed up there too!