Monday, March 13, 2017

Bucket List #65 | Hike Mt. Si

We spent the summer of 2016 training for a huge adventure (more on that to come). The last step in our training was to hike Mount Si, which is the training hike for Mt. Rainier expeditions. They say that if you can complete the Mount Si hike in under 2 hours, you are ready.
It's not the kind of hike that you do with kids, or at least with a 5-year-old who is too big to be carried and too small to do that strenuous of a hike, so we enlisted the help of our very good friends to have Walt and Zuzu over to play one Saturday while we did the hike. It took about 6 hours total, with the hike and drive time, so - we're talking VERY good friends, here. :)

We had so much fun doing this hike together. It was my first time hiking with a pack and I think I did a decent job of it. 
We made it up in about 130 minutes - so not quite the 2-hour limit, but we weren't attempting to climb Rainier, so we felt pretty good about it! 
The view was beautiful and the long stretch of time spent together with no distractions was even better.
This is a great hike - probably my favorite we've done in Seattle. It is very steep, but not super long, so if you like vigorous outdoor things, you'd probably love it!

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