Tuesday, October 24, 2017

3 and 6

Our kids had birthdays again! Funny how that comes around every year, right?

It was Zuzu's turn for a friend bash and we settled on a "Minnie's Bowtique" theme. I think she loved every second of it.
The evening before and morning of her party we suddenly had people canceling right and left. It looked like only one friend was going to make it (we had invited 10 kids). I almost lost it and ended up calling my good friend and begging her to bring her daughter, volunteering to babysit, have her brother over, anything to make it work. She is a nice friend and instead of looking at me like a crazy person she brought Cora over. Luckily, a couple of other friends made it and we ended up having so much fun!

For her birthday, Zuzu started asking months ahead for a pair of "pink ice skates." I was kind of at a loss. Ice skates are very expensive, and the closest rink to us is about a 30 minute drive, and also very expensive!! Luckily, Amazon came to the rescue. Her pink princess roller blades were received very well, and we had a blast with them all summer long. Phew. My kids are always the ones with crazy gift requests!

3 definitely looks good on her. She's crazy girly (tights and fancy shoes are her love language), gives amazing hugs, and is fiercely independent. She's developed quite the attitude and "no" is a staple, but we wouldn't have her any other way.

Walter turned SIX. 6!! I can't believe it. He wasn't slated for a big party this year, but at the last minute I caved and told him he could have 2 friends over for a Nintendo night. We aren't sure if we'll be here next spring so this might have been his last opportunity to have a birthday with his buddies here.
I've got to tell you - this was the easiest plan of all time, and the kids LOVED it. It was a good reminder to me that all of the trimmings and cutesy, Pinteresty stuff is fun, and I think the kids do appreciate it, but it's not 100% necessary for a good time. Pizza, treats, Nintendo. Nothing else needed. :)
Walt didn't ask for much, but he did get Minecraft for his birthday, which he'd been wanting FOREVER.
His dad also hand-crafted an amazing master sword from the video game Zelda. It was pretty epic.
A funny memory from this birthday is that ALL Walt wanted to do was to go to Olive Garden. This is not because of the food, although spaghetti is his favorite - it's because we went there for my birthday, and they have these screens that you can pay to play games on. He really does have a one-track mind. But since it WAS his birthday and all, we decided to do it.
I don't regret it. :)

Walt is still the most kind-hearted kid I know. He hates to leave anyone out, is fiercely loyal to his family and friends, and has the biggest imagination of anyone I have ever met. I can't wait to see where life takes him!

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