Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bucket List #66 | Mima Mounds

The Mima Mounds are a group of... well, mounds in Washington that no one can fully explain. Mysterious geologic formation? Obviously, it went on the bucket list! We finally got a chance to visit them on the way to Portland this week (more on that later). 

They were actually so much cooler than I was expecting! 
It's a beautiful site with prairie foliage and a fun little hiking trail. 
The morning we went, there were dense gray clouds and kind of a fog settled over the mounds, which made us feel like we were in Europe or exploring a fantasy world. Fun. :)
We spent about 45 minutes walking around, exploring and taking photos. There are more extensive hiking trails and a fun picnic spot, so we could have easily spent an afternoon there if we'd had the time.   
The mounds are "unexplained" in that no theory has proven how the mounds got there. Our resident scientist, Almost-Doctor-Landon, told us that it was probably a combination of geologic factors, such as a glacier, and biological factors, AKA ROUSs. Or ok, just regular gophers. But it's more fun to imagine that we were visiting the Fire Swamp. (Is anyone still with me? ;))
We definitely had fun visiting the Mima Mounds! We'll rate it:
Maybe we'll go back someday and take a picnic. Anyone want to join us? 

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