Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Bucket List #56 | Seattle Art Museum

For my 30th birthday, Landon wanted to make sure I knew that our adventures aren't going to stop just because we're getting older and more responsible. :) To that end, unbeknownst to me, he asked some good friends to watch our kids for almost the entire day so we could cross some things off the ol' bucket list. It was amazingly thoughtful and a great day!

The first place we stopped at was the Seattle Art Museum.
There are two main reasons it took us so long to go here. The first is that two young kids + priceless art = not the most relaxing time ever. The second is that we just always assumed that it was way out of our price range! Little known fact, if there are no special exhibits showing, the SAM is operated based on donations, and you get to choose the amount. So conceivably we could have got in for $1/each! Good to know for the future.

I should have taken more pictures...but I was too busy having a great time! The top floor has a great collection of African art, antiquities from Greece and Rome, and an Arabian/Mediterranean display. Plus some other cool stuff. :)
We also loved this cool "Italian room", which is an actual room moved from a house in Chiavenna, Italy, built around 1550:
And now I must have these windows in my library someday. :)
My favorite part was the glass display on the middle floor (which I didn't take a single photo of because I guess I was too amazed). Now I'm psyched for the Glass Museum. They also had some modern art, some of which we liked more than others.
I also must have a cool dictionary page hanging somewhere in my house.

All in all, we had a super fun time at the Art Museum, and will hopefully find our way back someday! We rate it:

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