Monday, August 24, 2015

Bucket List #55 | Underground Tour

(Ok, I'm still behind. Better late than never, right? Right???)

While my mom was in town, we did tons of fun crazy things - but this was probably the craziest. :) Sadly, Landon didn't make it on this adventure but, you can't win them all.
There are 2 underground tours in Seattle. We went on the newer/cheaper one, "Beneath the Streets," mostly because the time worked out better for us.

Seattle was a gold rush town. It was built along a main street leading down to the water, and they initially had a lot of problems with sewage because the city was right at sea level. Then there was a huge fire and the city was mostly destroyed, so they decided to take that opportunity to regrade the whole thing, but the business owners didn't wait. They rebuilt businesses while the road was being raised an entire story. So when the road eventually got filled in, there were a lot of storefronts left underground.
Now you can walk beneath the streets and see them!
It was fun to learn about history and see the unique way that Seattle is laid out. Our tour guide was great and knew what he was talking about.
He showed us sections that were restored, sections that hadn't been touched since they were buried, and a section of the underground that has now been turned into a comedy club. Pretty interesting stuff!
Overall, we had a really fun afternoon and I'd definitely recommend it.

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