Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Frye Art Museum

We were so fortunate to have Landon's Dad in town for an afternoon last week. I love living in a city where people often travel for work. We see a lot of extended family and friends that way. :) While he was here, we went on a few adventures. (Obviously!)
The Frye Art Museum was actually Grandpa's suggestion. It's a fun, classical and modern art museum with rotating exhibits right near downtown. And admission is 100% FREE! Not only that, but they offer free parking in a decent sized lot right across the street. That was music to our ears.
We loved exploring the paintings and artifacts on display, and learning a bit about Dutch art and it's history. We spent probably an hour roaming around and enjoying. The museum isn't big, but it was definitely fun!
The best part was definitely watching this guy impart his love of art to our children. Although Walt was pretty insistent that every painting had something to do with Zelda....
 This wasn't on our bucket list, but if you're wondering:
I love that the museum is free and doable with limited time! Not super kid-friendly, but with enough adults to keep them out of trouble it worked for us.

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