Saturday, February 28, 2015

Nine Months

Isannah recently turned nine months old. So she's been with us longer than I was pregnant! I love this milestone; it's amazing to think about the beginning of pregnancy, the beginning of a baby's life, and the beginning of the end of babyhood.
Zuzu is a pleasure to have in our family. It's strange, but I can't even imagine how our lives were without her in our family now. She is the happiest, most content soul I've ever met. And she has gorgeous eyes. :)

Here are some fun facts about our baby girl:

  1.  Weighs 16.5 pounds, 28 inches long
  2. Gray/blue eyes
  3. Strawberry blonde hair (we think? It seems to vary)
  4. Favorite toys: anything textural. She loves to touch things and scratch things. She also really likes to shake rattles/instruments, etc.
  5. Favorite foods: cheerios, crackers, corn, and bread. She really only recently started eating solid foods with any kind of enthusiasm, and now the favorites are stacking up more. Seems like she's a starch lover though!
  6. She is super ticklish, especially on her back and neck
  7. She still has no teeth! Our doctor says this is kind of unusual, so we're on the lookout for some chompers in the next 3 months; otherwise she'll need some x-rays to figure out what's going on. She still manages to have the best smile though.
  8. Not quite crawling, but she is a super-roller! Also, she does this inch-worm move where she gets up on hands and knees and then sort of lunges at whatever she's trying to get. She's getting close.
  9. She loves to play peek-a-boo and look at people's faces. She'll smile at almost anyone who smiles at her. She's pretty social. 
  10. We've been able to put her hair up in pigtails since she was 6 months old! She has a ton of hair and it can be pretty crazy when she first wakes up.
We love this munchkin baby so much. She has about a thousand nicknames, delicious thigh rolls, and the two most adorable dimples in her cheeks. She is beloved by all, but especially by her big brother, who is constantly trying to "snuggle" her and play with her. I joke all of the time that she has made me want six more babies, just like her. (But not really) We can't believe we get to keep her forever and ever! I'm excited to see her personality blossom and her friendship with her brother grow. Love our Zuzu girl!

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Kayla Lindholm said...

She is SOOO cute! My daughter didn't get her first tooth until she was 13 months old, our pediatrician said that was normal because each child was totally different. She also said in a way it was better because that was more time for them to be healthy haha. Hope all is well!