Monday, September 2, 2013

Bucket List #1 | Mariner's Game

We had so much fun watching the Mariners, we went twice. :) And, truth be told, we'll probably go back many more times.

We saw the Mariners beat the Indians and hit a few home runs with my parents in July.
For the record, Walt LOVES hotdogs and going to the game - but he is not a cotton candy fan. :)

We went back for a second dose in August with the Burgeners. Sadly they lost to the Blue Jays, but it was a good game and we had fun!
 (Walt doesn't really like licorice ropes, either. Bummer)

Even sitting in the cheap seats, we had a decent view of the field both times. Safeco Field is a fun stadium, and that skyline doesn't hurt.

Between seeing the players live, fun food, good company, and a beautiful setting, the Mariner's get a resounding
review from us! This is a must-do here in the city.

Now if only we had ESPN, we could be proper fans. :)
Or not...

Go Mariners!

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