Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Afternoon Church or: In Which We Accidentally Discover The USS Nimitz

Afternoon church with toddlers is the worst. Who's with me? Naptime for us in generally around 12:30 pm. Church starts at 1pm. So --- we can either try (always unsuccessfully) to put Walt down for his nap early, one of us can stay home with him (we really only do this when he is sick), or we can ditch the nap altogether and just wrangle a mess of a kid for 3 hours. And then, inevitably, on the 2.5 minute drive home, we end up with this:
Oh, brother. If we move him out of the car, he will wake up and cry for the next 3 hours until bedtime. We've tried putting him directly in his crib, but it never ever works.

So this Sunday, we grabbed a box of Wheat Thins and just kept right on driving. We decided to head North, since that is mostly unexplored territory for us. We wound up in Everett, where Landon turned towards the waterfront. We saw a sign for "Naval Base," so of course Landon headed straight there. The next thing we knew, we had rounded a corner and stumbled on this:
It's hard to see in the photo, but out in the water is a massive aircraft carrier. It had a large 68 painted on it, so, thanks to the marvel of modern technology, we whipped out a smart phone and read all about it. The USS Nimitz is only one of the most famous carriers in the United States Navy. Who knew?

So, Walt got a 45 minute nap, and Landon got to geek out over military equipment. Best Sunday drive ever. :)

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