Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nice to Meet You, Uncle Miles!!

Two years ago, we said a sad goodbye to Landon's brother Miles.
I love all of the Burgener siblings - and we had really missed this kid. We were so proud of him, but sad that our brother was gone.

Lucky for us, after serving an honorable mission in the Nicaragua, Managua North Mission, he came home!

We debated about making the drive, but ultimately decided we couldn't miss the chance to see him fresh off the airplane, introduce Walt to his uncle, and spend as much time as possible reconnecting before we ship out here in a few weeks.

We were not disappointed. Such a fun weekend filled with family.

And although Walt was scared of him at first, he quickly warmed up to his Uncle Miles.

We're now anxiously awaiting a visit tomorrow! We love you Miles!

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